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 Kincaidiana: A Flute Player’s Notebook by John Krell (National Flute Association Publication)


The Gilbert Legacy: Methods, Exercises and Techniques for the Flutist by Angeleita Floyd (Winzer Press)


A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould’s Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano by Katie Hafner (Bloomsbury)

  • Does the perfect instrument exist? Check out Glenn Gould's story!


Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank H. Netter, M.D. (Saunders)

  • Known as the Michelangelo of Medicine, surgeon and illustrator Netter's extremely detailed drawings can give musicians an insight into how our body functions.


Science of Breath: A Practical Guide by Swami Rama, Rudolph Ballentine and Alan Hymes (Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy)


The Structures and Movement of Breathing by Barbara Conable, illustrated by Tim Phelps. (GIA Publications, 2000)


Caruso and Tetrazzini on the Art of Singing by Enrico Caruso and Luisa Tetrazzini (Dover)


The A to Z of Foreign Musical Terms by Christine Ammer (ECS Publishing)


A Modern Guide to Fingerings for the Flute by James Pellerite (Zalo – Alfred Publication)


On Playing the Flute: The Classic of Baroque Music Instruction by Johann Joachim Quantz (Schirmer)


Music Talks: Conversations with Musicians by Helen Epstein (McGraw)

  • James Galway, Leonard Bernstein, Doroth Delay, Yo-Yo Ma and more


Evening in the House of Reason by James R. Gaines (Fourth Estate) 

  • about J. S. Bach and Frederick the Great


Teaching Genius: Dorothy Delay and the Making of a Musician by Barbara Lourie Sand (Amadeus)



Flute Pages of Larry Krantz

Collection of Articles, Links of Flutists Sites, Flute Radio, Teaching Tools, and much more!


Original Manuscripts:

The Morgan Library and Museum

IMSLP - Petrucci Library


Database of Recorded American Music

Recordings and blogs.


Naxos Music Library

Recorded music, composer biographies, and much more!


Music Index

Through libraries. THis link is through the new York Public Library


UR Research: University of Rochester

Extensive research tool for articles, books and much more!


Internet Culturale

Italian Library of Manuscripts and Sound Collections


The Royal Library of Denmark

Manuscripts, music, books and much more!


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