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Practicing exercises daily are crucial to building a foundation for the language of expression. Technique and finesse of musical nuance should always be dealt with simultaneously within the same exercise. Initially, exercises should focus on one or two pedagogical aspects. As one progresses, theses exercises should be modified to incorporate several techniques or ideas within one exercise.


So many wonderful exercise books are available to flutists. Eventually, a flutist will want to combine or modify the exercises to focus on their personal areas of concern.


Every day I play a regimen of certain exercises. Generally I stay on a particular set for a few months. But, I do change the set as my ears guide me to areas where I need more attention. Within one regimen, I play  some exercises every day; others I play once a week. This way I can cover more areas within the course of a week.


Here are some exercises that I composed and others that are modifications of other flutists' exercises. They may be helpful in the format given. Or, you may want to alter them to adapt to your needs.


Teaching a master class for the Skidmore Flute Institute.

Barbara Lee is the SFI pianist.

Instructional Video for playing Mark Vinci's "Crow's Nest for solo flute."

Skidmore Flute Institute faculty 2011

My Skidmore Flute Institute Faculty 2011: Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough, Barbara Lee, Jill Sokol, Diana Charos Riley and Shelley Smith Martinson.  (Missed Rachel Bergman that year!)

Vinci teaching master class during the Skidmore Flute Institute


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And, More to Come!


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