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Crow's Nest for solo flute by Mark Vinci


I commissioned this fantastic jazz-influenced work in 2011 and premiered it that same year. My interepretation incorporates many contemporary techniques, including beat boxing, I will record it on my 2015 CD project.


This video iwas recorded in the Arthur Zankel Music Center at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY.

When I See You for flute and alto saxophone by Mark Vinci


I commissioned my husband Mark Vinci to compose this intimate and beautiful conversational piece by for my CD project Global FluteScape: Premieres and Rare Gems.


This You Tube video is taken from that CD recording.


Listen for the love and the chase!

Images: A Picturesque Suite by Loris O. Chobanian


Guitarist Joel Brown commissioned this work along with 4 others for TRITONIS' CD "Five Premieres: Chamber Works with Guitar" on Albany Records. I am proud to have been part of this important project.

And Then, Things Changed for flute and piano by Hseuh-Yung Shen


Patricia Hadfield and I premiered this work at Skidmore College in 2004.


In this video, Hugh Sung and I perform on the premiere recording of this fascinating work on my GlobalFluteScape CD. The piece is filled with metric modulation and a glorious Bachian interlude.



Autumn Sky: Fantasy for amplified solo flute and concert band by Carleton Macy


Carleton Macy composed this piece for Jan and the Skidmore Concert Band.


Click button at left to listen to the premiere performance which took place on November 16, 2014.




In college I loved working with composers to bring their music to life! That passion blossomed over the years into a life of commissioning many works... either as a soloist or as a member of ensembles: TRITONIS with guitarist Joel Brown and cellist Ann Alton; Iridescence with harpist Karlinda Caldicott harp; and, Percussia with percussionist Ingrid Gordon. I have been very fortunate to work with composers such as my husband Mark Vinci, Chen Yi, Jennifer Higdon, Steven Stuckey, Michael Daugherty, Elizabeth Brown, Gary Schocker and many more.


Below is a list of works that I commissioned and/or premiered. The list is as complete as my memory serves me and as my records indicate. If composers remember that I premiered one of their works, please contact me and I will happily add it!

  • Mark Vinci: TINGsha Bom-t-Bom-t-Bom for flute and orchestra. Commissioned and premiered with Maryville College Community Orchestra in April 2014. The premiere recording took place on August 24, 2015 at NYC's The DiMenna Center for Classical Music with Mark Vinci conducting the New York Dream Orchestra and is on American FluteScape on Albany Records.

  • Mark Vinci: Crow's Nest for solo flute. Commissioned and premiered in Saratoga Springs, NY. This is on America FluteScape recorded in 2015.

  • Jennifer Higdon: Flute Poetic for flute and piano. Co-commissioned with Pola Baytelman and premiered in October 2011. The premiere recording is on American FluteScape on Albany Records.

  • Zhou Lang: Confluence 汇流 for solo flute.  Co-commissioner with Flute New Music Consortium. FNMC premiere October 15, 2015. Premiere in Saratoga Springs, NY was February 7, 2016.

  • Carter Pann: Giantess for flute and piano. Co-commissioner with the New Music Flute Consortium. FNMC premiere will be March 2018.

  • Carleton Macy: Autumn Sky: Fantasy for amplified flute and concert band. Premiered at Skidmore College with the Skidmore Concert Band on  November 16, 2014.

  • Hseuh-Yung Shen: And Then, Things Changed for flute and piano.  Premiered at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY in 2004 and premiered on Global FluteScape CD in 2006.

  • Mark Vinci:  When I See You for flute and alto saxophone. Commissioned and premiered on Global FluteScape on Albany Records in 2006.​

  • Norman Thibodeau: Introduction and Variations on the Hatikvah for flute and piano. Premiered on Global FluteScape CD in 2006.

  • Heinz Benker: Der Abreiss-Kalendar: Miniaturen Suite for flute and piano. This rarely performed work was composed in 1955. I premiered the recording of it on Global FluteScape (Albany Records) in 2006.

  • Ray Bono: Trafficking with Ghosts for flute and harp. Premiered with Karlinda Caldicott (Iridescence Duo) at the Hyde Collection Museum in 2003.


Prior to 2006


Repertoire from Five Premieres: Chamber Works with Guitar CD

Commissioned by guitarist Joel Brown, founder of ensemble TRITONIS. With TRITONIS I premiered the following works in performance and on the Five Premieres CD in 1992.


  • Loris Chobanian: Images - A Picturesque Suite for flute and guitar

  • Vivian Fine: Canzones y Danses for flute, guitar and cello

  • Anthony Holland: Three Poems Without Words for flute, guitar and cello

  • Carver Blanchard: Lament and Frolic for flute and guitar

  • Andrew York: Transilience for flute, guitar and cello

  • Mark Vinci: Dirge for Lost Souls for 2 flutes. Premiered with composer in Bowling Green, OH in 1987.

  • Forest Covington: That Other Place for flute and orchestra. Premiered with Cleveland Institute of Music Orchestra in 1981

  • Jennifer Higdon: Characters for 2 flutes. Premiered with composer in Bowling Green, OH in 1987.

  • Gary Schocker: My Summer Vacation for flute, guitar and cello. Commissioned with TRITONIS in 1998.

  • Hilary Tann: Walls of Morlais of Castle for flute, guitar and cello. Commissioned in 1998 and premiered performance with TRITONIS in 1999.

  • Dana Wilson: Sing to Me of the Night flute, cello and guitar. Commissioned and premiered by TRITONIS in 2000

  • Lewis Rosengarten: Elements for flute, guitar and cello. Premiered at Skidmore College in 1993.

  • Lewis Rosengarten: Through Time for solo flute. Premiered in Saratoga Springs in 1996.

  • Anthony Holland: Epitaxy for flute and Kurzweill. Premiered in The Hague with the composer in 1987.

  • Janice Maille Bullard: Fantasies on Celtic Airs for flute and piano. Premiered with pianist Barbara Lee at the Hyde Collection Museum in Glens Falls, NY in April 2010.

  • Preston Vismale: Alej Colinas-las colinas de los surnos y las fantasias for 2 flutes and piano. Premiered with flutist Sue Lund and pianist Joan Harkness at the National Flute Association convention in 1993.

  • Jennifer Higdon: Steeley Pause for 4 flutes. Premiered with Jennifer Higdon at Bowling Green State University in 1988.

  • Elizabeth Brown: Alabama Panorama for 8 flutes. Premiered for the New York Flute [Club] Fair in 1997.

  • Judith Lang Zaimont: Prelude for flute, oboe and cello. Premiered at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY in 1997.

  • Robert Delfausse: Sonata for flute, guitar and cello. Premiered with TRITONIS in Tennessee in 1996.

  • Gary Schocker: Stripes and Stars for 2 flutes. Premiered with the composer during the Skidmore Flute Festival in 1997.

  • Charles Griffin: Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle. Commissioned and premiered by ensemble Percussia in Merkin Hall in 2003.

  • Victoria Bond, composer and Isaiah Sheffer, librettist: A More Perfect Union (opera). Premiered with Bond, Sheffer, James Richman, John Tighe, and Webster Williams at Merkin Hall in 2002.

  • Nicolas Underhill: Devon Rex for flute choir. Premiered for Skidmore Flute Festival in 2003.

  • Mark Vinci: Where Were You for flute, alto sax, string trio, bass and drums. Premiered in Alsop Hall in saratoga Springs, NY with Lamar and Ruth Alsop, Midhat Serbagi, John Oddo, Joe Cocuzzo, John Donnelly in 2000.

  • Norman Thibodeu: Take Over for 2 piccolos and piano. Premiered with the composer in Saratoga Springs, NY in 1991.

  • Harvey Sollberger: Quodlibetudes for solo flute. Co-commissioned with other students of Judith Bentley, Brannen Brothers Flutes and Powell Flutes, honoring Mrs. Bentley's remarkable teaching. Premiered by the composer at Bowling Green State University in 1987.

  • Daniel Asia: Sand II for voice, 2 flutes, clarinet, 2 percussionists and 2 pianos. Cleveland, OH premiere with ensemble Reconnaissance with the composer conducting in 1982.

  • Jon Shinaberry: Words from the Beloved for solo flute. Premiered on the Bowling Green State Univesity Composer's Forum concert in April 1978.

FANFARE: "superbly performed disc"...   "A winner of a disc"

American FluteScape: A Tapestry of Premieres and Classics


TINGsha Bom-t-Bom-t-Bom for flute and orchestra

En Garde!


Bom t-Bom t-Bom

by Mark Vinci

"The Flutist Quarterly" REVIEW of TINGsha

Crow's Nest for solo flute

by Mark Vinci

Flute Poetic for flute and piano


Blue Hills


by Jennifer Higdon

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