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Through the years, every now and then, a classical musician will discover an exceptional piece. When played, it creates a special connection between its musical sound and one’s heart. As these compositions are encountered we must embrace them and frequently perform them... for the sake of our listeners and, just as important, for the sake of our own artistic well-being. My hope is that this eclectic program of premieres and rare gems will exude passion, create intrigue and fascinate both audiences and performers. 


Joining me on my first solo CD:

Hugh Sung, pianist, former faculty of the Curtis Institute and now founder and owner of AirTurn.

Mark Vinci, alto saxophonist, composer and my wonderful husband

Jennifer Higdon, composer, flutist and longtime dear friend joined Hugh and me to record


Recording Premieres:


Additional works:

Global FluteScape:

Premieres and Rare Gems


  • Albany Records 2006

  • Jan VInci flute, Hugh Sung piano, Mark Vinci alto saxophone, Jennifer Higdon flute

  • Adam Abeshouse, recording engineer and producer

Recording in Theater C at SUNY Purchase!  

Available on Amazon, Albany Records, iTunes, and other online venues

Listening Selections

More selections on

Commissions-Premieres Page

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